The Popcorn Kernel

The popcorn hull is simply the remnant of the corn seed exterior. Popcorn pops via pressurized steam buildup inside the seed. The popping explosion flips the seed kernel inside out, and normally this inverted seed shell remains attached to the white starchy puffed corn.

The Science of Popcorn: Learn how the Popcorn's Hull, Embryo and Starch are involved in the popping action.

Popcorn: How It's Made
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Though you may be used to the tough brown hulls of mass-produced “movie popcorn” or inexpensive bagged popcorn, all-natural varieties of old-fashioned popping corn come with many kernel colors and shapes, resulting in very different looking popped results and often with more tender hulls.

Think You Can’t Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn is a wonderful natural treat that beats most other snacks as a health-smart way to curb your hunger. However, many people may feel they are unable to enjoy popcorn because of the hulls. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that you can once again enjoy the fluffy crunch of popcorn, consequence free, with Hull-less varieties.

If you have dental complications or digestive issues that make popcorn hulls your enemy, and you miss popcorn, you might want to test a small amount of a hull-less popcorn variety. Also, there are online forums where you can find out if others with similar issues have been able to consume hulless popcorn without negative effects.





Gourmet Hulless Popcorn

No Popcorn can be literally "Hull-less"!
Popcorn kernels pop due to steam pressure built up inside the hull; therefore, all varieties of popcorn kernels must have a hull to trap the steam. However, some varieties of gourmet popping corn have a thinner, more delicate hull that practically disintegrates when popped. These fragile hulls shatter and fall away rather than staying intact and attached to the puffs of popped corn. The remaining hull bits are so small and tender, they basically disintegrate - having little resemblance to the harsh brown hulls usually associated with commercial or movie theater popcorn.

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NOTE: Among the different brands of hulless popcorns, you will discover varying results in the hull fragmentation; some will seem completely hulless, while others appear to just have smaller hulls than regular popcorn. Below are some good hulless gourmet popcorns that you might enjoy trying. The hulls are so tender on these kernels that when popped, they seem to disintegrate. Enjoy!