• Multi-colored Popcorn Kernels



Regular vs. Gourmet

Imagine yourself digging into a crispy bowl of popcorn. Remember how wonderful freshly made popcorn smells and the crispy crunch and flavors of different popcorn.... Now, if you don't recall different flavors (besides buttered, unbuttered, cheese, or other TOPPINGS), then perhaps you've not been introduced to GOURMET POPCORNS. Gourmet popcorns are famous for their unique flavors and textures.

Gourmet Popcorn: Taste & Compare

Gourmet popcorns showcase their natural maize corn varieties so you can experiment and learn to love all the wonderful flavors mother nature invented. While the true popcorn connoiseur savors the natural tastes all on their own, you can enhance your gourmet popcorn with a variety of seasonings. As we all know, variety is the spice of life... and in this case, that's literally!

Different Varieties of Gourmet Popping Corn are available - Featuring All Natural Popcorn.

Does Size Matter in Popcorn?

The popped popcorn that most people are familiar with are from the major commercial popcorn brands, made from yellow corn. Most of the major commercial popcorn varieties use genetically modified popcorn - modified to create BIG KERNELS. Larger volumes market well to many consumers, including the movie theater companies. Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods derived from genetically modified organisms (or GMOs). Genetically modified organisms have had alterations made to their DNA through genetic engineering. The sacrifice of creating a larger popcorn kernels is a diminished corn flavor. This lack of natural flavor is probably the main reason why consumers are compelled to add butter and salt, which maximizes the snack's taste. [ Learn more about Genetically-Modified Foods ]

Discover Popcorn’s "Natural" Flavor

Just like different apples have their own unique flavor and texture, it's the same with different varieties of popcorn. Most commercial popcorn brands use genetically-modified The old-fashioned, non-modified varieties of corn have a more hearty, distinct flavor than their size-happy yellow relatives, and each likewise produces a special flavor and texture of popcorn. You can expect all-natural gourmet popcorn to taste more delicious and have distinct flavor distinctions, and less like buttered styrofoam!



White Gourmet Popcorns

White popcorns are generally associated with the more "tender-crisp" popcorn snacks. But you'll need to try these different varieties to see for yourself how they differ from the yellow popped popcorns.

Autumn Blaze: Subtle crunch; light, crisp texture
Baby White Rice>: Crisp texture; classic mild flavor
High Mountain Midnight: Wild, robust flavor
Red River Valley: Crisp texture; Refined, rich flavor
Wisconsin White Birch: "Off-white" classic popcorn; Mild corn flavor

Yellow Popcorns

There's nothing typical about these yellow gourmet popcorn kernels (before or after they're popped):

Orchard Blossom: Light fluffy texture; Mild flavor
Savanna Gold: (Very Popular); Creamy texture; Mild, sweet corn flavor
Sunset Fire: Fluffy, light texture; Full mellow flavor

Black and Red
Popcorn Kernels

Darker popcorn kernels typically produce a snack with a more intense whole-grain flavor, as noted in the flavor descriptions below:

Black Hills: Crunch texture; Rich flavor
High Mountain Midnight: Wild, robust flavor
Red River Valley: Crisp texture; refined rich flavor