All Natural Popcorn is All Natural and GMO-Free. Their gourmet popping corns are grown exclusively and come in 10 savory varieties: from creamy yellow or rich golden yellow kernels to black, red or pink popcorn kernels. For the true Popcorn Lover, browse over to our Great Popcorn Popping site to learn more...


GMO-Free Popcorn

Popcorn is nature at it’s best – just a simple plant seed, literally bursting with real corn taste. No food-testing lab involved!
This old-fashioned natural nibble can satisfy your hunger and help you and your family resist the lure of the many unhealthy
and additive-laced choices on the market.

Genetic Diversity, plus Food Safety

Some people are concerned about the possible long-term effects of consuming genetically-modified foods and may feel suspicious about corn products, but GMO-free popcorn does exist.

All varieties of corn (including popcorn kernels) have typically been heavily genetically-modified to produce characteristics desired by the food industry. One being "larger volume".

Biotechnology alters Popcorn's DNA Characteristics

Genetically altering the genetic structure of popcorn also erodes the natural genetic diversity of America's corn crops. If you want truly safe corn products without any trace amounts of chemicals applied in the field, then look for GMO-free products.

Food activists and natural food lovers can take heart. There are still farmers who carefully grow their GMO-free heirloom popcorn crops to the standards of an earlier time. Buying GMO-free popcorn is one way to reward these farmers. At the same time, you'll also cast your vote for more natural, genetically diverse crops and healthier foods!

Corn Genetics

Discovery Channel video showing the genetic diversity of corn.




Benefits of Buying
Organic Products

The benefit is a much tastier snack than other popcorns that you may have tried in the past. Genetically-modified popcorn may produce a larger crop and popcorn kernels, but it also depletes some of its natural flavor.

You are what you eat, so stay healthy with All Natural Gourmet Popcorn! America's Favorite All Natural Gourmet Popcorn...